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The cause of unknown failure of target flowmeter manufacturer in operation

2020-04-01 08:30:16

How to check the brands of target flowmeter manufacturers is not good. First, we need to deal with these problems:

1. Check whether the power supply voltage is appropriate according to the working area;

2. Whether the controller grounding device is reliable or damaged;

3. Whether the medium fills the controller and whether there are bubbles in the medium;

4. Is the reading value appropriate? Is the measurement value within the measurement scope?

5. Is wiring of terminal loose?

6. Is the air flow meter subject to bubble invasion?

If the target flowmeter is not well processed, how to check it should pay attention to these aspects:

1. The instrument panel has no display information;

2. Check whether the switching power supply is connected;

3. Check whether the switch power fuse is intact;

4. Check whether the working voltage of the power supply system meets the requirements;

5. Check whether the display saturation can be adjusted and whether the adjustment is suitable.

The causes of common faults are as follows: natural environment; fluid mechanics; installation.

Natural environment:

Generally, it is mainly the interference of stray electric flow in pipeline, strong radio wave interference in indoor space, electromagnetic field interference of large and medium motors, etc. In general, the interference of stray electric flow in the pipeline can get satisfactory results by using excellent independent protective grounding. However, when encountering strong stray electric flow (such as the pipeline in the electrolysis workshop, sometimes the high value VPP of the magnetic induction AC flow potential in the two electric levels can reach 1V), the external countermeasures and the insulating layer between the air flow meter and the pipeline need to be adopted. Radio wave interference in indoor space is generally introduced by communication cable, and single-sided or double-layer shielding is generally used for maintenance.


The fine bubbles with uniform distribution in the measured liquid generally do not harm the normal operation of the electromagnetic flowmeter, but with the expansion of bubbles, the output data signal of the instrument panel will fluctuate. If the bubbles are large enough to cover all the surface layer of the electric stage, the bubbles passing through the electric stage will make the control circuit of the electric stage short-circuit for a moment and make the output data signal fluctuate more. When the electromagnetic flowmeter of the high-frequency waveform excitation regulator measures the slurry with too many solid components, the slurry noise will also be caused and the output data signal will fluctuate. When measuring the mixed medium, if the total flow sensor technology is used before the mixing is not even, the output data signal will fluctuate. Improper selection of metal electrode and measured medium will also endanger all normal measurement due to oxidation or electrode condition. Metal electrodes shall be properly selected in accordance with the instrument cluster or relevant guidelines.

Installation reasons:

Generally, it is a common fault caused by the wrong installation position of the technical controller of the target flowmeter manufacturer. Generally, if the controller is installed on a higher pipeline which is easy to accumulate steam body, or installed on a vertical pipe from top to bottom, it will exhaust completely; or if there is no back pressure behind the sensor, the hydrodynamics will exhaust air immediately, resulting in the non full pipe in the measuring pipe.





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24-hour hotline:186 8186 1537

Production address:Block a, building 14, innovation and entrepreneurship Park, Lintong District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

Office address:9 / F, building 1, Beihang Science Park, Chang'an District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province