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Product features of bar flowmeter

2020-04-04 11:36:27

STF series intelligent electronic device flush plate flowmeter is the third generation of capacitor force induction steam flowmeter developed with the development trend of new controller and electronic information technology on the basis of traditional force sensor. It has high sensitivity, degree and wide measurement range.

When measuring the fluidity of the medium in the pipe, the mechanical energy of the medium itself is based on the pressure difference caused by the choke (target) for a while, and has a force on the choke. The size of the force is proportional to the square meter of the medium water flow. The mathematical method is as follows:


In the formula: F -- force on the flow arrester (kg)

CD -- block resistance coefficient

A - radial expansion area of the choke to the measuring tube (mm2)

ρ - relative density of medium under working condition (kg / m3)

V - average water flow of medium in the measuring pipe (M / s)

V = KF, thus, the instantaneous total flow and accumulated total output relative to flow metering can be obtained after the working voltage data signal is externally enlarged, ad converted and solved by computer. The force F received by the current resistance part (target) is transmitted to the capacitor force sensor through the rigid connecting transmission part (measuring rod). The capacitor force sensor causes the working voltage data signal output:

◆ wide range of tube Economy: Φ 10 ~ Φ 2000 to larger; STF series electromagnetic flowmeter with its unique anti-interference and anti residue characteristics can not only replace the flow meter problems that can be measured by basic total flow, but also have very good adaptability in the difficult working conditions of flow meter such as low viscosity, stain medium, easy to coagulate and block, high temperature, ultra-low temperature, strong erosion, etc.

◆ wide temperature coverage: - 196 ~ 500 ℃;

◆ various media available: vapor, liquid (including low viscosity liquid, oil, slurry), vapor;

◆ suitable for medium with low water flow, the minimum water flow can be measured is 0.08m/s. [commodity characteristics]

It can't move the components, is stain resistant, easy to install and maintenance free

A variety of anti-corrosion and high and low temperature test materials (such as Hastelloy, titanium, etc.) can be used

● the whole equipment is sealed without dead angle and all dew points, and can withstand 42MPa high pressure

The working pressure damage is small, only 1 / 2 △ P up and down of the specification orifice

● the controller does not touch the tested medium, and there will be no damage to parts, so the application can be trusted

● wide coverage of available media: it can measure the flow of steam, liquid and steam at various temperatures, and measure the two-phase flow

● various installation methods are available, such as online plug-in type, with low installation cost

● with integrated temperature and working pressure compensation, output quality or standard party immediately

● optional small data signal extraction, discrete system adjustment, filter time selection

● measurement verification, with precision of 0.2-1.5%

Good repeatability, generally 0.05-0.08%, rapid measurement

● under the instrument panel, there is a self-examination procedure flow, and the common fault conditions are clear at a glance

● strong anti-interference and residue resistance

● various output modes, able to transmit various main parameters remotely

● strong vibration resistance, able to measure the pulsating beverage flow in a certain range




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24-hour hotline:186 8186 1537

Production address:Block a, building 14, innovation and entrepreneurship Park, Lintong District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

Office address:9 / F, building 1, Beihang Science Park, Chang'an District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province