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Development and present situation of bar flowmeter

2020-04-04 11:27:55

Measurement is a special tool for people to understand the surrounding material world. It is a key technical basis and basic management method in human civilization. The development of measurement instruments and equipment involves every field, every household and every corner of people's life.

The fixed ultrasonic flowmeter originally refers to the high-precision machine and equipment which is used to measure the working pressure, total flow and temperature of water, gas, electricity and oil. In the last two decades of the 20th century, with the development of electronic information technology and communication technology, there are hundreds of products. According to scientific division, contemporary measurement includes scientific measurement, law and discipline measurement and engineering project measurement. The daily task of scientific measurement is to develop and create measurement basic specification equipment, ensure the transmission and traceability of numerical values, and provide guarantee for teachers of legal and discipline measurement and engineering projects. The daily task of legal and discipline measurement is to control the key measurement equipment and individual behavior of commodity quantity measurement related to the demand side reform by the competent department of measurement administration of the government department in accordance with the regulations to ensure the relevant values. The daily task of engineering project measurement is to carry out value traceability for other measurement theme activities developed by the whole society, show measurement correction and test services. On this basis, people are actually divided into geometry measurement, temperature measurement, structural mechanics measurement, electromagnetism measurement, electronic optics measurement, acoustic material measurement, electromagnetism measurement, time and frequency measurement, electromagnetic wave radiometer Quantity, organic stoichiometry. At present, there are more than 6000 measuring instrument and equipment companies in China, which have already produced an industrial management system with complete categories, basic technology and production scale, and become the second largest measuring instrument production country in Asia except Japan. Since the ninth five year plan, the general situation of China's measuring instrument industry has been developing forward. With the development of miniaturization, integration, intelligent system and system bus, the products keep pace with the international development pace, and a batch of new technical products and a batch of private enterprises with considerable scale are emerging, which are the fresh blood of the development of China's measuring instrument and equipment industry. We should keep a clear view that although there is a certain development in China's measuring instrument industry, we can't consider the increasingly prominent urgent requirements in various fields such as social and economic scientific research, national defense construction and social development. In China, most of the measuring instrument and equipment products belong to the low-end technical strength, and the credibility and reliability are of great importance The target values are not all specified. High-end, large and medium-sized experimental instruments basically rely on imports, medium-sized products and many important parts. Overseas enterprises also occupy more than 60% of the market share of China's sales market.

The key factors that hinder the development of China's measuring instrument industry. In China, the development of measuring instruments is backward, there are many problems, and the situation is not optimistic. The key elements are concentrated in the following four aspects:

The progress of independent innovation and industrialization is slow. The contemporary high-voltage electromagnetic flowmeter is a comprehensive material with high aspect ratio of light, machine, electricity, electronic computer and many basic disciplines. It is very sensitive to the application of new technology. It is one of the categories of new technology of upgrading frequency and rapid development in the contemporary industrial products. Every year, a batch of new products are often released, which is very in the information age. The market competition is increasingly fierce, If we slow down the development slightly, we will be left far behind. In the 21st century, the extensive level of China's measuring instruments and meters is still at the international level in the early 1980s. All the large and medium-sized and high-end experimental instruments are basically imported, many urgently needed special instruments are still blank pages, and there are many difficulties in the quality and quantity of middle and low-end products that must be overcome. Independent innovation and sluggish development of industrialization are the "short boards" that hinder the development of China's measuring instrument industry, while the key factors that hinder the independent innovation and sluggish development of China's measuring instrument industry are three: lack of funds; lack of talents; lack of reasonable integration of government, industry, education, research, integration and use.

In China, the measurement products, including industrial intelligent turbine flowmeter system software, communication equipment, etc., although the performance indicators are not quite different from similar products abroad, but the reliability and credibility are not high. It greatly limits the application scope and reliability level of measurement products in China. In the final analysis, the key lies in three aspects: product reliability and reliability can not be dealt with as a whole for a long time.

(1) For a long time, the development and design of basic technical scientific research has been ignored.

(2) The quality of domestic general parts and basic parts is unqualified.

(3) The company's product quality management and management methods are not in place, and the product quality is unqualified.

3、 The old system constrains the development of the company

The old system is a common problem in the development of state-owned enterprises. Instrument and equipment manufacturing industry is not included. A large number of state-owned enterprises can not get rid of the historical time burden of the trainees because of the constraints of the old system for a long time, lack of charm in the market demand, serious landslides in production, manufacturing and operation, and a large number of leading enterprises have worked hard to get rid of the lifeline. Therefore, accelerating the reform and innovation of the system is one of the effective ways for development.

4、 The development of the measuring instrument industry is constrained by the objective natural environment, which is shown in the following aspects:

(1) Local taxes are too heavy. Measuring products company




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24-hour hotline:186 8186 1537

Production address:Block a, building 14, innovation and entrepreneurship Park, Lintong District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

Office address:9 / F, building 1, Beihang Science Park, Chang'an District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province