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Routine failure and maintenance of electromagnetic flowmeter

2020-04-04 15:12:41

Only conduct regular visual inspection on the instrument, check the surrounding environment of the instrument, clean the dust, ensure no water leakage and other chemical substances, check whether the wiring is good, check whether there is a strong magnetic field machine or a rigid cable across the instrument around the flowmeter sensor. If the measuring substance is very easy to contaminate the electrode or settle and deposit in the measuring wall thickness, it shall be cleaned and cleaned on time.

After the controller checks that the flowmeter has just been put into operation or all of them have been put into normal operation for a period of time, it finds out that the instrument works abnormally. It should check the external conditions of the Precession Vortex flowmeter, such as whether the switch power supply is excellent, whether the pipeline leaks or is not in full pipe, whether there is bubble in the pipeline, whether the communication cable is damaged, and whether the converter output data signal (i.e. the back position instrument is keyed in for control Loop) is it leading the way. Remember to blindly follow the wind to break the flowmeter.

Testing equipment: one 500m Ω insulation layer measuring instrument and one digital multimeter.

(1) When the pipeline is filled with material, use a digital multimeter to measure the resistance between terminal blocks a, B and C. the resistance between a-c and B-C should be as large as the same. If the difference is more than 1 time, it may be water leakage of waist wheel flowmeter, condensate absorption on the surface of measuring pipe or in the terminal. Test steps:

(2) Under dry condition of lining, use M Ω meter to measure the grounding resistance between a-c and B-C (it should be more than 200m Ω). Then use the digital multimeter to measure the resistor between the terminals a and B and the two electrodes in the measuring tube (it should be in the case of short circuit fault connection). If the grounding resistance is small, it indicates that the electrode is leaking, the whole set of flowmeter shall be repaired and repaired. If the insulating layer is reduced to a certain extent but still above 50m Ω, and the inspection results of process (1) are all normal, it may be that the surface of the measuring pipe is damp, and the air dryer can be used to dry the inner part of the shell.

(3) Use a digital multimeter to measure the resistor between X and Y. if it exceeds 200 Ω, the excitation coil and the grounding wire of the transformer will lead or loosen. Remove the terminal board for inspection.

(4) Check the grounding resistance between X, y and C, which should be above 200m Ω. If there is a certain reduction, use warm air to dry the inside of the enclosure. In the specific operation, the decrease of the dielectric strength of the electromagnetic coil will cause the measurement deviation to expand and the output data signal of the instrument to be unstable.

(5) If it is judged that the controller has common faults, please contact the manufacturer of electromagnetic flowmeter. Generally, it can't be handled on the spot, so it is necessary to go to the manufacturer for maintenance.

Converter inspection

If it is judged that it is a common fault of converter, please contact with the manufacturer of electromagnetic flowmeter in case of all normal conditions due to external reasons. Generally, the manufacturer will replace PCB circuit board.

Maintenance of electrode

1. Before applying electromagnetic flowmeter, add standard pH value water solution to calibrate electromagnetic flowmeter. After the calibration, before the actual operation, everyone must pay attention to clean the electrode of the electromagnetic flowmeter with pure water first, and then clean the electrode again with measuring liquid.

2. If the electromagnetic flowmeter is not used and the electrode of the electromagnetic flowmeter is to be taken out, we should pay attention not to let the hand sensor of the electrode collide with the hard block, otherwise, if there is damage, it will endanger the application of the electrode.

3. After the application of the electromagnetic flowmeter, we need to cover the electrode of the electromagnetic flowmeter, and put less saturated solution inside. If we want to ensure that the electrode bulb is wet, we can do so, but remember that it is not necessary to put it into pure water to soak.

4. Pay attention to keep the electrode clean at ordinary times, and do not let the output on both sides of it have short circuit fault, otherwise it will cause no measurement and harm the application of electromagnetic flowmeter.

In fact, there are many ways to maintain the electrode of the electromagnetic flowmeter. We should pay more attention to the whole process of application, so we don't have to be a little careless to cause that the electromagnetic flowmeter can't be used normally in the future.



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24-hour hotline:186 8186 1537

Production address:Block a, building 14, innovation and entrepreneurship Park, Lintong District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

Office address:9 / F, building 1, Beihang Science Park, Chang'an District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province