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Application of plug-in flowmeter and its mechanical failure and solution

2020-04-05 19:46:03

Application of Roots flowmeter, mechanical failure and solutions:

The Roots flowmeter uses mechanical measuring elements to continuously cut the hydrodynamics into a single known volume part, and measures the total flow volume and total output according to the frequency of hydrodynamics of the volume part filled and discharged repeatedly by the metrological verification room.

Roots flowmeter is widely used for accurate measurement and verification of crude oil, petroleum products, chemical solutions and other hydrodynamics by crude oil, chemical plants, power engineering, metallurgical industry, transportation, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, national defense security, economic and trade units.

In the operation process, the mechanical components will be destroyed due to irregular rotation or electronic counter blocking. (check if there is a cyclone!) if the centrifugal impeller or leaves are damaged, abnormal noise and vibration can often occur. If it is suspected that the common fault point is only at the top of the mechanical indicator head (without significant noise or vibration), then the mechanical indicator head can be inspected under the condition of pipeline pressure relief. Note: in most cases, the mechanical indicator head is declared to be sealed. If the seal is opened or destroyed, it may endanger the corrected data information and the loan guarantee will be invalid. Analysis of common failures of target flowmeter accuracy:

If the electronic device measurement module does not output or is very different from the data information on the top of the mechanical indication head, it can be connected to the close type socket on the surface with an adjuster or a pulse counter. Check the optical rotation, connection of power plug, working voltage and current according to the technical specifications. If the data shows that the optical rotation and connection of power plug are appropriate, then the common failure of the electronic device module inside the surface appears. Note: if turbine flowmeter is installed in dangerous area, all connections should be power circuit of safety culture.

If there is too much solidified liquid in the mechanical indicator head, a part of the commonly used silicone rubber should be removed and replaced. For the old table body, it can remove the sewage treatment / empty its own screw under the mechanical indicator head neck to remove the excessive solidified liquid. Successive measurements

The radar level meter will not be harmed by temperature, working pressure and vapor body, and will not touch the surface of the medium, so it can measure the level of different medium rapidly and accurately. Safety, environmental protection and energy saving

Radar level meter can not only carry out measurement under ultra-high pressure, but also is extremely safe and energy-saving. The signal strength of radar level meter can only be many microwatts per cubic centimeter, so it can be used in various places without all restrictions. In practical application, radar signal can be completely shielded according to the surface of metal material. The acid and mechanical heat resistance of the raw materials used in radar level meter are very stable, and the raw materials can be recycled.

Basically, the target flowmeter installation specification can measure all medium radar detection waves without impact, because the components of the radar detection controller can not be disassembled and there is no mechanical damage, so the radar level meter can be used in various places. According to the application of advanced raw materials, radar level meter is very durable for extremely complex organic chemistry and physics standards. It can produce reliable and long-term stable analog input or large digital level data signals.

Whether the radar signal can be reflected or not depends on two factors: the conductivity of the measured medium and the thermal conductivity of the measured medium. All the conductive media can reflect the radar signal of the surface very well. The radar detection controller can measure all the media whose thermal conductivity is more than 1 and 5 (the thermal conductivity of the gas is 1). Although the conductivity of the media is not very good, it can also be measured very well.

The radar level meter is a radar detection level measuring instrument panel, with a large measuring distance of 70 meters. The wireless antenna is further improved and solved. The new rapid microcontroller can carry out signal analysis and solution with higher speed transmission, which makes the instrument panel suitable for solid materials, whole process utensils or places where strong smoke and dust are easy to form crystals and condensate.




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24-hour hotline:186 8186 1537

Production address:Block a, building 14, innovation and entrepreneurship Park, Lintong District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

Office address:9 / F, building 1, Beihang Science Park, Chang'an District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province