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Failure and treatment of target flowmeter manufacturer

2020-05-14 13:57:27


    1. When the speed of the measured substance in the pipeline is zero, the instantaneous water flow of the flowmeter is not zero, the key reason is:

    a. The level of the steam flowmeter before and after installation is inconsistent, so there is instantaneous total flow due to the radial level force of the overall target and the overall target rod.

    b. When the flowmeter runs for a long time, the internal stress release of the sensor changes slightly;

    c. In the process of installation or operation, serious overload causes zero drift;

    The above three methods can refer to the steps and methods of flow meter zero clearing.

    d. Poor grounding of flowmeter shell;

    Handling method: the user shall re ground.

    e. The target piece, target rod and measuring tool are stuck by sundries;

    Solution of overall target steam flowmeter: close the gate valve around the front and back of the steam flowmeter, loosen the connecting anchor bolts between too many parts and the measuring pipe with special tools, gently shake the connecting parts or remove and remove the debris, and reset as the original.

    2. The main reasons for the abnormal increase of the indicated value during the operation of the flowmeter are as follows:

    a. There are filamentous and banded sundries on the target plate and the target rod;

    Handling method: refer to the handling method of sundries.

    b. Under the standard of high structure infill wall, the overall target rod and the overall target rod cause serious infill wall, which improves the expansion area of the overall target plate along the center line of the measuring pipe, that is, the total area of the circular cross flow between the overall target and the measuring pipe is reduced, and the force of the controller is increased under the same water flow.

    Treatment method: remove the transition parts, use tools to remove the target plate, target rod and the masonry target flowmeter on the inner wall of the measuring pipe.

    3. There are many reasons for this phenomenon due to large measurement error. The main reasons for Z are as follows:

    a. The relative coaxiality of the steam flow meter and the connecting pipe has large misplacement, and the sealing gasket has different center, resulting in throttle valve block, which causes great harm to the material

    Mass flow state; target flowmeter processing method: adjust the installation state.

    b. The front and rear straight pipe sections of the flowmeter are too short, and elbows and valves are installed directly in front of the flowmeter, which greatly disturb the flow state components of the measured medium;

    Treatment method: install or calibrate the flowmeter according to the instructions.

    c. Leakage of bypass pipe;

    Treatment: check and replace the bypass pipeline.

    d. The target is wrapped with banded sundries, which increases the force on the target;

    Handling method: refer to the previous handling method of sundries.

    4. There are four main reasons for no indication or signal of flowmeter:

    a. Poor contact or falling off of power supply;

    Treatment: for the flowmeter with battery, check whether the battery is installed stably, whether the contact is good, and whether the battery has power. For external power supply,

    Check whether the connection between connecting wires is intact, whether the wires are connected, and whether the external power supply is normal.

    b. The circuit of flowmeter is damaged;

    Treatment method of target flowmeter: return to factory for repair.

    c. The display screen is damaged;

    Treatment: return to factory for replacement.

    d. User signal receiving system failure;

    Handling method: check and remove the fault.

    5. The indication value of flowmeter is always zero during operation. The main reasons for this phenomenon are as follows:

    a. The load-bearing element (target piece) falls off, resulting in the sensor unable to sense;

    Processing method: assemble the target piece of the same specification.

    b. The flowmeter sensor has no voltage output signal;

    Processing method: first, judge whether the sensor is damaged. The specific method is to see whether the sensor data has changed.

    c. The measured medium flow is too small, which is lower than the Z small scale flow of the flowmeter;




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24-hour hotline:186 8186 1537

Production address:Block a, building 14, innovation and entrepreneurship Park, Lintong District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

Office address:9 / F, building 1, Beihang Science Park, Chang'an District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province