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Industrial application of target flowmeter manufacturers

2020-04-05 20:07:02

1. The application of temperature recorder in bend flowmeter detection, verification and manufacturing industry is applied in many industries. Zui is used to record the process temperature and humidity change in a timely manner. It reflects the temperature and humidity change in the whole process of storage, production and transportation according to the recorded transformation standard value, and carries out scientific research and reasonable management according to the professional PC analysis system Law, analysis, carding.

With China's entry into WTO, the quality and safety of products are becoming more and more strict. If the electrical products want to circulate in the sales market, they must be certified according to CCC. Therefore, all kinds of inspection bureaus or certification bodies must carry out the test according to the national regulations. Temperature rise test is one of the most important ones.

"11.8 during the experimental period, the temperature rise shall be continuously detected, and the temperature rise of mud flowmeter shall not exceed the range in the table." "In addition to the temperature rise of winding insulation layer, the temperature rise of insulation layer of other electrical equipment is defined on the surface of its conductor and insulator, and its position is the position that will cause the following common faults: 1. Short circuit fault; 2. Touch between the inductive starting component and the metal component that is easy to touch; 3. Grounding insulation layer; 4. The creepage distance or electrical clearance is reduced to less than the standard value;"

The temperature recorder can record the condition of temperature change for a long time, and can provide a reference for the electrical products to find out whether they are abnormal or not. For example, automatic washing machine, household refrigerator, central air conditioner, juice machine, microwave oven heating, etc. (naturally, they often have different specifications respectively), must do electrical safety testing (temperature rise detection is a part of electrical safety). Generally speaking, the vast majority of household appliances with hot power supply will carry out electrical safety testing, in other words, the vast majority of mechanical and electrical engineering laboratories, in other words, companies related to laboratories will use temperature recorders.

2. Application in home electricity industry

In fact, this manufacturing industry is immediately related to the inspection or verification manufacturing industry. As the old saying goes: to know one's enemy and one's friend is to win every battle. If, electrical products to be sent to the inspection bureau to test, which methods can be used to make their own sent to test the one-time basis of the test article? That can reasonably save the cost and time caused by the detection. Zui good method is to do according to the specifications of the Inspection Bureau, one is to use the inspection bureau to apply the inspection specifications, and the other is to use the equipment applied by the Inspection Bureau.

3. Application in IT manufacturing industry

It, a changeable manufacturing industry, a manufacturing industry with rapid development trend, a manufacturing industry that has created thousands of myths and legends, and a testing standard Zui for a variety of manufacturing industries. If household appliances must be tested for temperature rise, there is no doubt that it industry is also necessary. Because who dares to ensure that a computer that has been working for more than 10 hours in a row is not easy to cause security risks due to perm? In addition, during the whole process of printing and plate making welding pin, a monitor must also be carried out for the temperature. We all know that the CPU temperature is too high to cause the computer stuck, so if in the production process, the temperature is too high will cause common CPU failure? There is no doubt about it, so temperature rise detection must be carried out for the whole equipment whether it is printing plate making or making.

4. Application in food storage and transportation

When long-distance freight or international shipping refrigerated food, it is very important to choose the flowmeter to confirm that the goods have been in the required temperature and humidity standard. The way to deal with the objection is to put a temperature recorder in the cabin under the condition of delivery, and start it. It will faithfully record the temperature and humidity changes in the whole process of transportation, and the carrier company will understand whether it is obliged or not. Because the whole process of food storage and transportation is not a short-term problem, but the relative equilibrium environmental humidity in food storage is also a key index value to ensure food health and safety. The relative equilibrium environmental humidity immediately endangers the growth and development of coliform bacteria. For example, in the balanced relative humidity range of 95% RH to 91% RH, the coliform bacteria that are easy to grow are Salmonella, pauliniella, lactobacillus beverage, Aspergillus flavus and yeast. The storage cycle time of food materials is also related to temperature and balanced relative humidity. For birthday cake with balanced relative humidity value of 81% RH, its storage period is 14 days at 27 ℃ and 24 days at 21 ℃. If the balanced relative humidity is increased to 85% RH, this index value will be reduced to 8 days at 27 ℃ and 12 days at 21 ℃. The equilibrium relative humidity of hygroscopic chemicals has a fundamental effect. Equilibrium relative humidity is defined as the environmental humidity value obtained by surrounding gas when chemical substances and gas raw water are not exchanged. This definition is very clear, so as to achieve the successful storage and maintenance of this commodity. The manipulation and packaging of natural environment and climate must be carefully pointed out. In addition, the taste of many kinds of food is affected by over drying. For such conditions, it is required to record the change of temperature and humidity in real time to ensure that food hygiene and safety enter into customers' mouths.

At present, McDonald's and other famous Chinese fast food companies will use temperature recorder.

5. Application in cold chain logistics of pre seedling

In the whole process of shipment of pre vaccine, vaccine and other medical devices from the finished product warehouse of pharmaceutical company to the cold chain logistics storage and transportation of vaccination for relevant groups, according to the test records of the natural environment temperature, the quality of the pre vaccine, vaccine and other medical devices can be determined to ensure the actual effect of vaccination. The temperature recorder solves this problem conveniently and reliably.

Different pre vaccine and vaccine have different regulations for the natural environment temperature of storage and transportation. In order to ensure the safety of bacteria and pre seedlings in the whole process of storage and transportation, it is necessary to record the detection of the natural environment temperature in the whole process of storage and transportation, and it should be an automatic detection record, without all human errors, so as to improve the credibility of data information. High quality and high precision temperature recorder can perform this function, because it can record for a long time without external switching power supply system.

6. Application in the preservation of Historical Museum relics and Archives

It is another industry of using temperature and humidity video recorder. The paper type of the archives can be stored for some more time when the temperature and humidity are suitable for the standard. Once the temperature and humidity standard is destroyed, the paper type will become brittle, and the key materials will disappear with it. It is necessary for the archives to carry out the temperature and humidity records, which can prevent the occurrence of malignant accidents. The application of temperature and humidity video recorder will simplify the work of temperature and humidity recording, save the cost of storage of antiques, and make the work professional enough without too many human errors.

7. Application in the test level of decorative building materials

In the whole process of decoration building materials, especially concrete drying, people should pay attention to the development trend of drying, which is one of the index values of commodity evaluation, and also shows reliable data information for the engineering construction unit. The use of temperature and humidity video recorder can record this data information and show it to the scientific research Party of decorative building materials, which will provide favorable assistance for the project construction. Especially in the construction of national defense projects, time is life. Mastering the time of concrete dryness and impetuousness is the key to cause enemies. It ensures the reasonable presentation of the living power to the arena. This function can be performed by the temperature recorder.

8. Application in agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture

In the production and manufacturing of agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture, especially in the production and manufacturing of some crops, the temperature and humidity values should be recorded in detail at the seedling stage. For example, it is necessary to make clear the relationship between the growth and development characteristics of some seedlings and the temperature, environmental humidity, etc. Naturally, not every young seedling must carry out temperature monitor, after all, the forestry and fruit industry is a relatively thick line production mode.

9. Application in acceptance level of engineering construction project

The key is reflected in the project acceptance of intelligent building. Because there are many new acceptance projects in the construction industry, in addition to the ventilation and air conditioning index values, other engineering and construction departments, such as the radiation compressive strength, formaldehyde content and so on, need to test if they meet the human health index, which is immediately related to the health of the body. If the index value is unclear, the test engineer rashly enters the site and keeps records for a long time, it is an evasion of responsibility for the physical and mental health of the test engineer, and the use of the video recorder will immediately ensure that in addition to obtaining reliable data information, Zui maintenance will be carried out for the life safety of the test engineer. Naturally, when measuring, the test engineer should This kind of measurement is converted into working voltage to measure.

10. application in key medical and health sites

According to the requirements of the draft of architectural technical specifications for hospital clean operating department, the temperature and humidity of the consulting room must be controlled in a certain range: that is, the temperature is 22 25 ℃; relative humidity 45% RH 60%RH。 Suitable natural environment temperature and humidity is very important for operators and patients. When the indoor temperature is over 28 ℃ and the ambient humidity is over 70% RH, it is easy to have hot, sweaty, upset, irritable, tired and other reflections, and it is very easy to endanger the stable mentality and smart logical thinking, so that the technical strength of the operator can not be fully developed. In addition, the patients will also suffer from rapid heartbeat, sweating and other diseases, which will increase the difficulty coefficient of surgical treatment; when the indoor temperature is less than 20 degrees, the operators who only wear medical protective clothing will feel cold, which is easy to endanger the coordination and nature of actual operation posture, especially the tiny posture of fingers. Exposed patients are more likely to have fever, cold and other diseases because of their low level of resistance to trauma. The indoor humidity is low, and the dust on the surface of the object floats in the air with the change of cyclone caused by some postures, such as laying sheet, discharging port, etc. The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the operation room is large, and the gas in some areas after the door is opened and closed produces cochlear flow, and the wind power increases to about 4 times of the original wind power of the operation room.



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Production address:Block a, building 14, innovation and entrepreneurship Park, Lintong District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

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